Deliver, your online ordering solution
How It Works

Four Key Steps


Website and Solution

Responsive Design

The online order add-on offers customers an optimal reading and navigation experience on any device (smartphone, tablet or laptop).

100% Customised

Adjust your product selection, schedule, available time slots, pickup and delivery process and more to meet your business needs.

In Real Time

Manage your business in just a few clicks by viewing and planning your orders in the admin dashboard.

Easily Manage Your Inventory

You’ll be automatically reminded ahead of time to restock. Products that are out of stock will be displayed as ‘temporarily unavailable’ for your customers.

Automatic Updates

Linkeo’s Deliver solution includes free updates as the tool evolves.

Deliver, the online order add-on


Deliver, order

Open 24/7

Customers can order online 24/7 with ease from the comfort of their own home or on the go.

Orders, Delays and Pickups

The online software is completely adaptable. You'll be able to set up every detail, including your opening hours, estimated delivery time for each order and time slots for in-store pickups. Deliver offers infinite possibilities.

Online Payment

You can choose to activate the Stripe online payment function to enhance customer experience. Whether you want the full amount or a deposit, you are free to customise secure online payment to suit your preferences without making arrangements with your bank.

Delivery and Fees

With Deliver, delivery is an optional service you can set up in a way that works for you, including the radius, minimum order, extra charges and more.

Exceptional Opening and Closing Hours

Are there days or times you'd prefer to keep the business closed? Deliver offers a tool that allows you to set up exceptional opening and closing times in advance.



Organise your product portfolio and create categories for your inventory to help customers search for your products.

Add and Change Products

With Deliver as your Click & Collect solution, your product sheets are 100% customisable, so you can instantly edit descriptions, photos and prices.

Product Combos

Easily group your products together by creating combos. This is perfect for adding drinks and any other extras to a meal. You can choose to activate or deactivate these at any time.

Daily Specials

You can also use this Click & Collect solution as a calendar to schedule offers in advance. On the day, you can trust Deliver to take care of everything and ensure your products are only available and posted on the days designated in your calendar.


Offer additional items and offers in conjunction with chosen products to supplement sales. For example, give your customers the option to add different sauces or sizes.

Deliver, the online order add-on


Deliver, the online order add-on

Promo Codes

Attract new customers with promo codes for different dates and advertise them on your most promising social media platform.

Automatic Texts and Emails

Once you validate their order, your customers will automatically receive order confirmation via text or email that informs them of the date, time and amount of their transaction.

Customer File

With each order, your customers create a client account that is recorded by your online ordering add-on.

Order Prep in Real Time

Your customers will be able to track the progress of their order in real time.


Real-Time Data

Each online order is instantly reflected in your stats, allowing you to follow your online sales and turnover as they evolve.

Analyze Your Statistics

Deliver lets you study your stats in depth with a breakdown of each year, month, day and/or time period. Simply select a time and check out the patterns in purchase methods, most active time slots, average purchase size, most lucrative products and offers, and a lot more.

Analyze Your Revenue

Analyse your revenue with the data provided by Deliver to stay on top of your business.

Deliver, the online order add-on

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