The Click & Collect solution for
Wine Merchants


With Deliver, you can display your product cards online to attract new customers who will be able to view your combos and prices from any device, including laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Customers can place an order at any time of the day from your website while you manage everything from a professional interface.

More than just a tool,
DELIVER helps you expand your business locally and build your customer loyalty.

Why should you choose Linkeo’s Click & Collect solution for your wine shop?

Accepts Online Debit Card Payments

Linkeo’s Deliver works in collaboration with Stripe, a secure online payment solution.
With this quick and easy system, all your customers need to do when they come to your wine shop is pick up their order.

Plan Special Promotions

As a business owner, there’s nothing smarter than hosting promotions on days known for their low customer activity.
With Deliver as your online ordering solution, you can plan special promotions for select dates to get more people into your wine shop.

Disclose Exceptional Opening and Closing Times

Adapt this online ordering solution to your everyday life!
With Deliver, you adjust your calendar for any event or occasion that could affect your wine shop and disclose the exceptional hours of operation to your customers.

At least 80% of today’s Australian consumers are making online orders.
Let them order from you!

Go Deliver!

Launch your click & collect solution today and boost your business locally!

3 months free! Zero commitment!