DELIVER, the online taking solution that helps you manage your stock

Manage your stock

Are you out of stock at short notice? Deliver takes care of everything.

On this click-away platform, you will automatically be reminded by email in advance to restock. If a product is out of stock, it remains visible but is displayed as ‘temporarily unavailable’ to your customers.

Deliver, helps you manage your inventory

Deliver , more than just your regular click & collect solution.


Step 1
Your customers place an order on your website, Facebook or Google My Business page and choose between in-store pickup or home delivery.

Step 2
You choose whether you want your customers to pay online or in-store.

Step 3
You validate their order based on your availability and inventory.

Step 4
Your customers automatically receive a confirmation text or email once their order is placed.

Step 5
Your customer picks up their order or waits for delivery if offered in your catchment area.

Go Deliver!

Launch your click & collect solution today and boost your business locally!

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